Creating a Vision

When creating a vision statement for you life, remember that it is for your life and it is a description of a future desirable state.

When creating your vision statement, keep these ideas in mind:

  1. Your vision statement should use powerful language. Use language that creates vibrant and vivid imagery.
  2. Your vision statement should be written in the present tense. When you create your vision statement, imagine yourself in an elevator waiting for the car to stop and for the doors to open. When the doors open, you find yourself looking at your new desirable state. Step into the state and describe what you see, what you hear, and what you feel. Be as thorough as possible, but be present in it.
  3. Your vision should contain positive images. Describe what you want. Avoid putting in what you don’t want.

Remember that your vision statement is not a description of what you stand for or a mission you are working to accomplish. It is a descriptive image of your future desirable state.

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Larry Prevost
Dale Carnegie Instructor, Social Media Evangelist
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