6 Ways Using Social Media To Show Appreciation

A common admonishment I often heard from management gurus a few years ago was, “we need to get human again”, “we need to get from behind the screen and get in front of people”, and “we need to cut out the screen time and get more face time”.

Well, that was before social networking made a big splash and forever altered the way we conduct business. Online channels have lasted beyond the fad stage. They are now standards for business communications and they are growing in influence and power.

To leverage this expanding power to your advantage, it behooves you to examine how people interface with these social media channels and the different ways you can use them to conduct yourself online to get business done.

Here is one way to make that happen

In the Dale Carnegie course, we make a big point of giving other people appreciation. In fact, the second human relations principle we teach in the course is giving honest and sincere appreciation (extra credit to those people who can remember the memory peg picture that goes with this principle)!

Turns out that you can also give someone appreciation online, and I’m not talking about the typical “good job” email from the superficial coworker two cubes downwind of you.

If you conduct business in an online venue or you run a sales operation, Dave Larson on TweetSmarter posted 6 ways you can say thank you and show someone some appreciation using social media. Those ways are listed below:

1. Give them a shout out on Twitter

2. Endorse them on LinkedIn.

3. Share a post.

4. Post a team photo on Facebook

5. Feature someone on your site or blog.

6. Thank your followers when you reach a milestone.

Obviously there are more than only six ways you can use social media to show someone appreciation. In your next Dale Carnegie class, when you are performing your first human relations exercise, look beyond that one person with whom you are committing to improve your relationship. Ask yourself, “Who else can I impact today with a few words of appreciation in an online venue”.

The Web and social media have extended our reach beyond our small geographic boundaries and local time zone. What kind of difference can you make in someone else’s life and how far away will they be from you?

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Larry Prevost
Dale Carnegie Instructor, Social Media Evangelist
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