Drivers for Success

In the Dale Carnegie course, we focus our attention on creating breakthrough goals and designing a future vision surrounding five areas that we call five drivers for business success. These elements if used every day, are instrumental in our professional, and personal, success. These drivers are:

  1. Greater Self-Confidence. In a world where risk, challenge, competition, and change are intertwined, self-confidence is indispensable. Throughout this process, we will build our confidence and stretch our comfort zone. Stretching ourselves beyond where we are comfortable is vital because this is where our greatest opportunities are waiting.
  2. Strong People Skills. People skills are essential for professional and personal success. We need to focus on the necessary skills to make a positive impression on others. We will learn how to win enthusiastic cooperation instead of compliance, turn a “no” into a “yes”, and be diplomatic under pressure.
  3. Enhanced Communication Skills. In every situation, we should look for opportunities to build and reinforce the skills we need to communicate powerfully and effectively. These opportunities should be varied, challenging, and enjoyable. We should look to improve our ability to think on our feet and express our thoughts, ideas, and intuitions. Whether in front of a large group, a small meeting, or one-on-one, how we package and present ourselves will improve from learning how to be more effective, convincing, and interesting.
  4. Develop Leadership Skills. An effective leader inspires team members from all lifestyles to a higher level of performance. As developing leaders, we need to develop the skills required to be more flexible, energetic, open, and approachable. With enhanced leadership skills, we enable ourselves to gain enthusiastic cooperation from others, enabling us to be more productive in our organizations.
  5. Reduce Stress and Improve Our Attitude. The ability to face challenging situations with a constructive attitude is often the determining factor in achieving success. To give the best we have to offer, we need to manage stress so that we can maintain an optimistic approach to any challenges that come our way. By learning to set clear, specific goals, avoiding procrastination and to deal effectively with problems, we become more focused and directed while maintaining a positive mental attitude.

When creating professional breakthroughs centered on these drivers, ask yourself,

  • What might a breakthrough in “self-confidence” look like for my professional life?

  • What would I be doing differently?

  • Who would be a part of my new team?

  • What kind of environment would I be in as a result of this breakthrough?”

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Larry Prevost
Dale Carnegie Instructor, Social Media Evangelist
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