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Contrary to popular belief, we don’t establish credibility with our prospect by talking about items we find in their office. While commenting on pictures or artifacts found in a prospect’s office may have been popular tactics back in the 50’s and 60’s, they won’t give you much traction with today’s business savvy prospects.

In today’s environment, we establish credibility by talking about issues relevant to the buyer or prospect. These issues should reflect what similar buyers have enjoyed by using our solutions. The credibility statement helps us establish ourselves as a problem-solver and shows that we create value and return on investment for our clients. This is one of the first tools you’ll create in The Sales Advantage program.

In your credibility statement:

  1. Cite general benefits your company provides that relate to the buyer’s needs, wants, and issues.

  2. Give results of how specific clients have benefited.

  3. Suggest that similar benefits are possible.

  4. Transition to the next step.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when creating your credibility statements:

  • Use this for prospecting letters, getting appointments, or starting the sale process.

  • Don’t sell in the credibility statement. Instead, focus on the buyer’s issues.

  • Include relevant pre-approach research information.

  • Talk about specific results, especially the return on investment.

  • Use powerful language.

  • Use bullet points.

  • Be brief, usually less than one minute.

  • Remember that there are legal restrictions on unsolicited faxes and emails. Use common business sense.

Before you open your next sales call, take time to create and review your credibility statement while seeing it from the prospect’s point of view. You may find opening your sales call a lot easier.

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Dale Carnegie Instructor, Social Media Evangelist
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